How to make a morph system?

Simple question, how to make a morph system? :sweat_smile:

What type of morph system are you referring to? Those that replace your appearance with a diference set appearance (For example, touching this morph button turns you into a clone trooper)

Or do you mean those that just change your appearance slightly? (Stepping on a morph button to wear Robloxian 2.0)

Or are you referring to a completely different morph system?

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A function that when we call it applies a new appearance to the player with the same limit as that of roblox (change of meshparts and accessories) while keeping the playerโ€™s animations.

I think a simple way to do a complete change of an avatar would be to use HumanoidDescriptions

Create a HumanoidDescription for the morph, adding in all the Ids and what not, and then when you have to morph someone, change their appearance

This should hopefully give you a bit more information as to how to do it, the article provides a number of examples.

I recommend testing HumanoidDescriptions out first to understand how they work before attempting to do the morph system so you understand what is needed