How to make a multi-part gun follow a skinned mesh and still be animatable with motor6D's?

Hey all! I mostly script so I don’t have too much practice rigging, animating, etc. I’ve made multiple viewmodels using Skinned Meshes, for a more realistic look, however I’ve recentley got bored of un-animated guns with realistic viewmodels. Normally I use a couple rigid constraints and attachments, but with a multipart weapon that’s supposed to be animated it doesn’t exactly work as the other parts don’t follow the main part being moved to the rig with the rigid constraint.

I’ve tried welding the seperate parts to the base, which makes them follow; but as far as I know it isn’t possible to use Motor6D’s to animate a welded part and it doesn’t seem to work in my experience.

Is my only option to parent the bone in the weapon to the right hand bone in my viewmodel in blender? Or is there some way in roblox that I can’t find or am overthinking?

Thanks in advance!


A Motor6D is a weld. Or, should I say, a Motor. They behave very similarly, but you can use Motor6D and Weld interchangeably in your case.

I’m not sure how skinned meshes really work, but is it truly not possible to replace the weld with a Motor?

I guess using another motor6D would be about the same as just adding another bone in blender to attach them, seems like it’s the only real way lol.

After finally getting around to trying this it doesn’t work, as motor6D’s can’t be parented to bones so it wouldn’t follow the deformation of the mesh.

Agree Motor6D cannot be used for bones but only for base parts. Whats the solution to weld a part to an animated mesh? Currently I dont think theres any. Doeos anyone have any suggestions?

Hey, I figured this out a while back; You’re going to want to rig the weapon with motor6D’s, then create a new part that’s pretty small and connect it to the animated rig with a RigidConstraint, Then simply weld the rigged weapon to the new part and you’re done it will now follow the animated mesh while still being animatable. Just make sure you weld only the main part of the weapon, for instance the handle of a gun to the new part.

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