How to make a multi-part tool

This tutorial will teach you how to make a multi-part tool.
I am making this because I cant seem to find and info on how to do this; I have searched the internet (including devforum) to try and find resources on how to do this, and soon enough I figured it out.
But i want to put all i found into one forum so other people don’t have to go through the same long and tedious process on how to do this. Now i will be making a tutorial on how to animate a multi-part tool because this was even harder to figure out(note, this will be released at some point, link will be put after completion).

The only plugin we will need is the tool grip editor (links in desc) but this is optional as it cost Robux.

Step 1: Model
First, we need to create our model. Create your model, naming your handle “Handle” or else it will not work.
Screenshot 2022-07-25 191248

Step 2: Welding
Now, we must weld all the parts to our handle. To do this, select all the parts in your model and open the model tab and go to constraints, then click Weld Constraints

Step 3: Tool
Add a tool. call it whatever you want. Take the parts out of model folder and put it into the tool.
Screenshot 2022-07-25 192323

Step 4: Tool Grip
If you wish, you may use the tool grip editor to edit the tool grip.

Finished product:
Screenshot 2022-07-25 193006

Tool Grip Editor: Here
Multi-Part tool with moving parts: WIP

Thank you for coming to read this, I hope it has helped, feel free to ask anyway questions, feedback is always lovely.


Try Searching the forum again. I used the term “tool falling apart” and found:
<Welding multi-part tool together
<Tools Falling Issue - #40 by 2DLAF

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My weld plugin is quite dated and doesn’t use modern constraints - you should use WeldConstraint for this instead of ManualWeld (which is what I believe my plugin uses).


WeldConstraints don’t keep a part in the same position when moved (unlike Weld). Therefore, they aren’t welds.

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Ill have a look into this and update the post. Thanks!

Thanks @Ozzypig I’m going to update the post now, wasn’t aware that weld constraints worked until now.

Updated the post.

When I was doing my research, there was well… nothing about this. And as ill say again, I want to put it all in one place for people to use.

PS: learn how to read