How to make a part cutting effect

Hi, I want to make a feature where if you point your mouse at a part, it’s (size.Y) will decreased by like how the mouse is down at the part, like how the mouse is down of the part the part’s size(Y) will be decreased by that, Any help?

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Do you mean how do you allow the player to scale a brick by its y value?

No, when the player clicks on a part it’s size(Y) will be decreased by how mouse is down.

So like this?

Correct, but with Y-axis. Not the Z

I mean the part’s size will be decreased by Y

i keep messing up

So essentially it looks like you’re attempting to use the Mouse Cursor to Scale Objects based off of its mouse coordinates.

Maybe this will help: Mouse Bigger on Part Hover - #6 by ExcessEnergy

Instead of making the part bigger, make it decrease by Y

Yes, thanks for understanding I’m bad at explaining

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So how am i gonna achieve this?

Read the link I sent you two posts ago

Oh, sorry, I didn’t see the link.

That didn’t help me. Anything else?

@L_aarge I wrote this code:

local Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer;

local Mouse = Player:GetMouse();

local cuttingsize = 2;

	if Mouse.Target then
		if Mouse.Target:IsA("Part") then
			local size =, Mouse.Target.Size.Y - cuttingsize, Mouse.Target.Size.Z)
			Mouse.Target.Size = size

ain’t working properly.