How to make a part that will teleport you in another place?

Hello guys, I am a high rank in some roleplay groups on Roblox, and I wan’t to make my own game so I don’t need to bring everyone to another cool game where the servers are maximum 5 players. So the thing I’m here for is to ask; to make a button or a part which will teleport you to another place is scripted or something else? Like you need to write a script in it? If yeah, can you guys please tell me what the script should look like? Thanks.

You can read about teleporting between places here: Teleporting Between Places | Roblox Creator Documentation

As for the button, you can look up ClickDetectors

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Alright, I will try, thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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You could do something like this:

Insert a ClickDetector into the button. Then insert this script into the button:

local PlaceID = 131280398 --Change this to your wanted placeID

	game:GetService("TeleportService"):Teleport(PlaceID, plr)

Try not to ask for a script in this section in the future. I’m providing this because it’s a rather simpler script.

But yeah, do read the documentation in order to understand how this works.

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Is script for click detector must be local or normal?

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Add a click detector to a part and use a server-sided script to give it a function

What do you mean by server-sided script, I don’t realize

I did but it doesnt work.

The location:


– this is not the one im talking about


local PlaceID = 2916899287

game:GetService(“TeleportService”):Teleport(PlaceID, plr)

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a normal script is a script that runs on the server :man_facepalming:, thus the name server-sided script. a local script is a client-sided script–it runs on the client.

Do you get any errors in the output?

Hi, so the script.Parent IS the ClickDetector, so do script.Parent instead of script.Parent.ClickDetector.

Second, you can only teleport in the real game, not Roblox Studio. So once you fix your script try publishing it and testing it on the game outside of Studio.

Also, don’t forget to enable third-party teleports in Game Settings>Security if you plan to teleport players to a different game.

Let me know if this works :slight_smile:

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You insert Script2 into “TeleportPart”, not clickdetector, or do what @PrinDeveloper said.


It works, to be honest I don’t know which message should I mark as “Solution” but I will mark @furious_cucomber’s message.

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