How to make a part tween reverse smoothly

How would I make a tween reverse smoothly instead of instantly teleporting back

it will move the same speed in reverse as it moved foward (if you’re using the tweenservice reverse parameter when creating a tween)

I want to make it so that when you walk on the button it goes invisible then comes uninvisible then finally goes invisible again smoothly

You would use multiple tweens instead of using the built in reverse function.
Something like

local ts = game:GetService("TweenService")
local tween1 = ts:Create(object,, {Transparency = 1})
local tween2 = ts:Create(object,, {Transparency = 0})

-- tween2.Completed:Wait()

The problem with that is it takes a lot of space and it looks a little messy.

For your current needs, it would only be one line more at most.

And typically there isn’t really anothor way for this.

I tried it and it looked so cool. Thanks!

There is ways to make the script looks better using caps in the start of a word for example