How to make a pfp with my new module!

Hey everyone! Let me tell you how to make a profile picture with my profile picture making module! This is my first ever tutorial, so please don’t criticise me :frowning:.

Stuff you need:


1. Open up Studio on Baseplate and type this in the command bar:

local mod = require(6433121324)
mod.create(“YOUR USERNAME HERE”)
(Make sure you replace YOUR USERNAME HERE with your username.)

2. Press enter and watch the magic happen!

It should look something like this

3. Now, just press F to go to the head. Position your camera in front of the head.

4. Now, just take a picture with the Snipping Tool. Then, open Now, the real madness begins :laughing:

5. Once you are in, press Ctrl+V and then press this button

6. Now, press S 4 times and select the green background. Once selected, press Delete. You should have something like this. Increase or decrease the Tolerance if it’s cutting some parts of your head.

7. Now, press Ctrl+A, then, Ctrl+X. Then, press Ctrl+N (so many shortcuts LOL) and open a canvas for 800x800 pixels. Now, press Ctrl+A again, but this time, press Delete. Now, just press Ctrl+V and resize it.

There you go! You have made yourself a cool head render! Now add a background and some pizzazz and you should have an amazing profile picture! Here’s what I eventually made:

Send me your profile pictures, I want to see what you guys made lol :eyes:

Anyways, that concludes this tutorial! Hope you enjoyed it! Have fun making your pfp! Oh and the module is made on my main account, this is just an account for DevForum posts for many reasons.

Here’s the link to it if you want it: Profile Module - Roblox

Ok bye now!


Oh and this module is HEAVILY inspired by VeD_DeV’s tutorial on how to make a profile picture