How to make a player levitate when they touch it?

So I’m trying to create an obby and I want to be able to make a brick that if they touch it, it would make them float to the top of the brick. They would no longer float when they are not touching the brick.

Unfortunately I’m not sure how to start doing this, I’ve been looking on here and can’t find a topic about it. Could anyone help me out?

(The brick would be CanCollide = false)


Perhaps this tutorial could be of some use to you:


I’ll take a look at it, thanks for the video!

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I am assuming you are trying to replicate a elevator like difficulty chart obbys use.

If that is the case, basically all dco obby developers are part of a community called JToH. We just use the JToH kit for our games. This includes people like Sea, Zach, Black, Me and basically everyone in the dco community.


I actually realized many obbys on Roblox used the JToH kit for many game components. I did some digging and found the kit last night. Thanks for your help!

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