How to make a proximity prompt progress bar progress in reverse?

I’m not sure if this is confusing, but how would I make it so the progress bar in a proximity prompt rotates in reverse, like it starts as a full circle, and reverses until the prompts progression is done. I just wanna use the normal roblox proximity prompt for this

with the default roblox proximity prompt i dont think its possible

nevermind found out the solution, you change the setupcircularprogressbar function to this:

local function setUpCircularProgressBar(bar)
	local leftGradient = bar.LeftGradient.ProgressBarImage.UIGradient
	local rightGradient = bar.RightGradient.ProgressBarImage.UIGradient

	local progress = bar.Progress
		local angle = math.clamp((1 - value) * 360, 0, 360)
		leftGradient.Rotation = math.clamp(angle, 180, 360)
		rightGradient.Rotation = math.clamp(angle, 0, 180)
		if value == 1 then
			bar.Visible = false

and when the prompts button hold begins you make the bar visible again