How To Make A Puddle In Roblox

So I was playing a game called Innocence when I noticed in the first scene there were puddles. I’m currently making a rainy scene in Roblox, and I would like to achieve this puddle effect. Is it possible?

I also noticed it just reflects the sky, not the parts (Like any other reflection), so I don’t need Screen-Space Reflections (Although if that too is possible, it would be nice to learn as well).


I’m guessing the reflection is just raised a tad bit and a bit of transparency along with a texture? I’m just assuming, not so sure though.

Textures can’t have materials, so that is impossible.

Oh yeah you’re right, maybe its just a mesh thats transparent over a texture.

Not Sure how to make that in blender.

Maybe you can use Its an app for learners.

No I know how to use blender, I’m just don’t know how to make meshes out of textures, do I have to make a plane like that?

Just make a plain mesh, like the puddle. And make it transparent with a ground below it that has a texture.

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My guess is glass with raised transparency and reflectivity. The glass itself is probably just a union.


This workflow seems very unnecessary, you sure this is the only way?

I’d argue that something this small doesn’t require a mesh. It’d be far easier to just use unions and not have to worry about using an external program - a puddle is on such a small scale for that.

I agree with you, meshing for me is just easy I guess.


I’ll see what I can do, for now making a mesh is the only way.

I can make you a mesh if you want.

No I am very much capable of making a puddle, I just need to add an ocean modifier and remove a few vertices.

The owner probably has a city skybox in the game and the puddle is likely a transparent mesh/union with a high reflectance.

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