How to make a Quest System Part 4

Hi! Welcome to the 4th part of the Quest System tutorial. In this part, I will be showing you how to give the reward to the player. Let’s start! :grinning:

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First, we go back to the script in the quest giver part. If you want to have a dialogue for the quest giver, wait for the bonus part of this tutorial. Meanwhile, we need to check if the player has finished the quest. Like this:

	if game.Players:FindFirstChild(player.Name) then
		local questFound = findQuest()
		local questsFolder = player:WaitForChild("QuestsFolder")
		if not questsFolder:FindFirstChild(questFound.Name) then
			if questFound.Name == "Grab 2 bunnies" then
				local folder = makeFolder(questsFolder, questFound, parentName, number)
				addQuestToGUI:FireClient(player, questFound, parentName, number)
				questFound.Action(bunniesFolder, folder)
					if folder.Counter.Value <= 0 then
						if #workspace:WaitForChild("Bunnies"):GetDescendants() == 0 then
							if player:FindFirstChild(questFound.Currency) then
								local currency = player:FindFirstChild(questFound.Currency)
								currency.Value += questFound.Reward

As you have noticed, we have added a GetPropertyChangedSignal function. This function checks if the given property, which is in the parenthesis: GetPropertyChangedSignal("Value"), changed. For example, if you set “BrickColor” inside the parenthesis, if the BrickColor of the part changes, the function fires. After the GetPropertyChangedSignal function fires, we check if the value of the counter is 0 or below 0. If it is, we check again if the bunnies folder is empty. If it is empty, we will find the value to which we will give the reward. In this case, we will find the currency “Gold” because in the quest module, the reward in the quest is “Gold”. Then we add the value of the Reward variable to it and finally return.

Now, we just need to delete the quest frame in the GUI and we’re done! We can do this by adding an if-statement in the GetPropertyChangedSignal function of the counter. If the counter’s value is 0 or below 0, we destroy the frame:

	local counter = child:WaitForChild("Counter")
	local maxCounter = child:WaitForChild("MaxCounter")
		local frame = questsFrame:WaitForChild(child.Name)
		if frame then
			if counter.Value <= 0 then
				local counterFrame = frame:WaitForChild("Counter"):WaitForChild("MainCounter")
				local counterText = frame:WaitForChild("Counter"):WaitForChild("CounterText")
				counterFrame.Size = / maxCounter.Value,0,1,0)
				counterText.Text = counter.Value.."/"..maxCounter.Value

To test if it works, we need to add a number value in the player. We just need to change the Leaderstats script in the ServerScriptService:


	local questsFolder ="Folder", player)
	questsFolder.Name = "QuestsFolder"
	local Gold ="NumberValue", player)
    Gold.Name = "Gold"
	Gold.Value = 0

If you followed all the steps correctly, it should work. Here is the result video:

I hope you learned something in this part of the tutorial. I also hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to say them. That’s all and Goodbye! :smile: