How to make a quirk shop?

A few days ago my friend said I should add a quirk shop to my game. I LOVE THIS IDEA. I’ve searched the web and found nothing though. Help would be appriciated.

(Any kind of gui works like one that pops up when you step on it or just a button activated one!)

This is a not a question to ask here, all your questions can be answered on the web.

For parts being touched research .Touched events.
For buttons on a ui being clicked research GuiObject:MouseButton1Click.

This may help you learn about GUIS.

This will teach you about “Touched”.

Hope this helped!

Tip: (Before you ask about scripting support, look on YT, Dev Forum, or Dev Hub)

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Ye but how to make quirks (like X-ray and stuff? And with datastore)

Maybe search it up? There are many YouTube videos on that topic!

Oki will do
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I hope I helped! (30 characters)