How to make a Rebirth System?

Hello Developers,
I was wondering if it is possible to make a Rebirth System (not a regular one). I made a Gui in Starter Gui which has a text: “Are you sure you want to Rebirth for 5 Points”. I added multiple Models in a Folder called Rebirths. In these models there are parts. The parts have a value called Point Amount. If the Part in one of these models is touched the gui should get visible and the text number of the text should be the one of the numberValue in the Touched Part. Now you have 2 options: No (just closing the Gui again) and yes. By clicking yes the guy should close and you should get ( I also added a Points Value into a folder called leaderstats in the Player ). + the Point Amount of the Number Value in the Part. I think this would be a good “system” because you don’t have to create multiple remote events for that. There should be also a debounce for the local player in the part which goes to false until the player closed the Gui. The Problem is I know that you can only change leaderstats Server Sided. I don’t know how to fire a Remote Event from a local script in the Text button called Yes (if you click it) and that this Remote Event “transfers” the value of the touched Part". I already tried making this shown in this post:

,but the guy only appeared 1 Time and the Value somehow duplicated itself. IF you know any posts that could help me further, that would be really helpful! Any help is highly appreciated!!!

You want to check the apis for gui button, remote events and leaderstats. Simpily when the button is pressed fire the remote with the information you want the server to have. From there the server can handle the rest by changing leaderstats e.c.t

I already tried that (transfering the value of the touched part to a server script which gives u + points as the value in. The part) but that didnt worked…

in your other post the issue was making multiple connections that do the same thing to the same button, not sure if you were aware of it. Passing the value from client to server would work, just exploiters would be able to give themselves any amount of points.

very easy just make a datastore for rebirths and make it 0 by default and then just make it so you check all the players stats to make sure they meet the rebirth requirements then after that reset all their stats via datastore and then yeah make them start over.

Yes thats easy but every touched part has a value. This values each have different values. if ONE of these is touched the gui appears, and only if you click YES u will get THE amount of the Value of the amount of the points in the touched part. Also this should not duplicate the Value l8ke it did in my other post. Also i do not care about exploiters because this wont be a big game :sweat_smile:, I have also added no leaderboards for these leaderstats…