How To Make A Rideable Mount, Such As Riding A Horse

In my game, I would like the character to be able to ride a horse, but I am not sure how to go about doing this.

  1. Ideally, I want the character to sit on the horse, and then control the horse just like they would their normal character. This includes moving with WASD and steering with the mouse/camera, and making the horse jump when the jump button is pressed. But I am not sure on how I can get the character movement controls to make the horse move.

  2. I have the horse rig and all the animations, and know how to handle that part of things.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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  1. Make the character invisible
  2. Weld the horse to it
  3. Weld a fake character on top of the horse

10/10 idea


I made a horse before(Which isn’t the best but worked…) and I could suggest to use VehicleSeat. You probably need to add a jump button other than Space via RemoteEvent though. I used BodyVelocity and BodyAngularVelocity to make the horse move, but as I said it was not the best so it was only working in a straight area.

You also can add invisible wheels and constraints to use BodyAngularVelocity on wheels and move the horse via the wheels. Or you can use Motor6D to rotate horse body according to the floor after calculating surface normal with rays.


Best way that I found is not to animate the horse and human separately.
Instead, each mount is a model inside the character with it’s torso connected to your humanoidrootpart with a Motor6D joint.

Then you can animate the whole thing at once.