How to make a ROBLOX game Thumbnail. (PHOTOPHEA)


Go to photophea.

It should look like this.

When done that, click new project.
Should look like this.

Width: 1280
Height: 720
Background: Transparent

Should look like this.

Click create.
Now you have this.

Press T.
You should go into text mode.
change the color by clicking the colored square at the top.

Change your font by clicking this.

Search or load a font from your PC.
Ok when you got that selected then make a text with the color and size you want.
In my case it’s this.

Click new layer in the bottom right.

Right click layer 1.
Enable clipping mask.
Then right click the text layer, then rasterize it.
Press B to enable brush mode.
Click this arrow that im pointing at with my cursor.

Drag hardness down to 0.
Change size to 137 px.
Should look like this.

In the bottom left corner you can see colors.

Change those to black & white.
Click the small arrows in the left corner until white is first.

Left click layer 1 on the layer tab.
Now that you have it selected.
Slowly drag your mouse over the text with left click like this.

Flip the colors and do the same with the white but with black at the bottom
Like this.

Then you can go above the layer 1 in layer tab and you see Normal. change that to overlay scroll down to find.
It should look like this!

Right click your text on the layers tab. duplicate the layer and move the copy however you’d like.
My result:


Nice tutorial! This is something that beginniners will likely find very useful! Maybe in future do a video though.


Yeah, thank you for the feedback though! I love that people respond so fast!


And I just saw my cursor didn’t join the picture, Wowzer.


This is a really good tutorial for beginners!!


PhotoPea is a great alternative to Photoshop, and you’ve proven it can make great logos!


I don’t quite understand why your calling this a game logo when clearly its a thumbnail. The resolution you provide is 16:9 and it should really be 1:1.

I think I could make a similar effect much faster in Figma.

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Since a lot of people do not have Photoshop, and it’s totally a decent tutorial, beginners will obviously learn a lot of stuff from this tutorial!

Keep up the great work!

Okay, thanks for the feedback.

to be honest I would use Pixlr E.

Sure, it is an alt to this. But Imo photopea is easier to learn.

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This is pretty useful, thank you!