How to make a Roblox Studio like explorer gui?

Does anybody know a module that recreates a explorer?
Ive found the Dex script but i dont want to use that as who knows what backdoors are in that script.

Funny thing is that I created one like a week ago and I’m still actively working on it. Reply to this if you want the model🙂 (Expect some minor bugs)



that would be great, someone is making one too in my discord but ill just compair the two and see which one fites best for my use case

Sure, I’ll send the model in a bit as I’m trying to fix a small selection bug.

ok, you can PM it if you dont want to make it puplic

Oh, it’s fine, I’ll just send it over here just in case anyone was looking for a similar script :sunglasses:.

ah, ok


Note: The Gui scaling might be a bit weird but you can change it. Also, the main script may be a bit messy and unpolished but hopefully not too messy as I’m going to improve some of my code.

Also, if you want to change the icons, go to the main script > ClassIcons and open it and change the useLegacyIcons to false and vice-versa.

Anyways, here ya go! :grin:

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alrigh, thank you so much


Is there an easy way to just “load” the contents of a specifed folder?

Can you elaborate a bit more on what you mean by this?

Like i only want to access a specific folder insteed of the entier game, is that easy to do without huge coding?

Yes and no, the explorer uses the service table to get the specific services and gets the children of them. If you want it to only show a specific folder, I’ll be more than happy to implement it :slightly_smiling_face:.

you dont need to code it i figured it out, if you go to the “populateList” function you can just edit the code to look like this:

function populateList()
	createNewEntry(path to folder)

and boom it just displays the folder/obj

Man, I forgot you can do that :sweat_smile:. Glad you figured it out!

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The only think that is kinda missing is the proberties but ill code that my self, do you store the selected obj somewhere?

Yes, selectionChanged:Fire(selected), and I’m also making my own properties menu. (I just need to make the values editable)

ah ok, i’ll make sure to check this post for any updates about your explorer.
i really like it

Alr, also thanks! I appreciate it.


Edit: I’ve updated the explorer as I reduced performance cost and fixed a small selection bug.

I also think it would be best if we took this inside PM/DM’s.