How to make a roblox-to-discord bot?

Is there a way to make a discord bot not a webhook do something once an event is triggered in game? Like a bot that sends a message when somebody presses a button in game.
Again, a bot, not a webhook.
(I know how to create discord bots already, I am just trying to find a way to trigger a function when something happens in game)

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To make this, you need to make web server that can access from roblox server.
When server recives message from roblox, send message to bot.

Sending information to the server is easy, I can do it using https service.
But how can I send it and recieve it in the bot code?

Not https service, its http service

This depends on the program language.
In some language, you can write the bot and server in the same script.

You would write your own API, if you’re using NodeJS you can use express. Other Languages have their own solutions.

This is such a cool idea! Definitely possible. Share here once you figure it out :slight_smile: