How To Make A Roof?

Hello fellow Developers,
I am asking how do I make a roof? I don’t know how, because I am making a house but I am stuck on the roof.
My friend told me how, “Use a mesh part then go to B-Tools by F3X then press the plus button and put the corner.”

As seen here :arrow_up:
But this is how I want a roof, a triangle one not a corner wedge. How do I fix it or how do I make one? Please tell me.



Hello there,
You can choose (the plugins you use) for this.

You already that an extremely good roof with a wedge … Anyway Create and size a piece. Then rotate it and Ready.

If it looks ugly, you can do things like Gutters, add tiles … and more. :brick:

I’ll be here for your questions. :slight_smile:



Hello, thank you for the feedback but can you DM me on Discord joejoe8100#2097

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You can contact me via Devforum.

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If I was able to help and there are no other problems, can you mark it as solved?

I will after I contact you. Then I’ll mark it as solved :+1: