How to make a room system?

So, not so obvious title. if you’ve played any of those dungeon quest-like games, you’ll see that they have this one system where you can create you own, at times called Parties or rooms, and select which zone the party should teleport to, then the players being brought to a different place to finish the zone, how could one go on about making both the “room” system and making players teleport to a new server with a different place inside the main game ?

Are you asking to be given the whole code? Or just asking how to make one?

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well… not gonna lie, just having the whole code is tempting but I wanna know how to make it myself so I’ll better know how to manage it when it’s put to use

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I’ve done a party system before. Not sure if it’s a good way to do it, but hey, might as well help you out. xD

I had set up a folder in ReplicatedStorage called “PartyStorage”, from there, I created a new folder with the name of the party leader. So in our case, Player1 will be the name of the folder.

Then, in that folder, I had four StringValues called “Member1”, “Member2”, etc. Which represented each member of the party. When someone joins a party, they would take the closest spot to 1. So if spot 3 was open, and spot 1 and 2 were taken, the player would be put to spot 3.

When a player leaves, I check if the player was in any of the groups. If they were, remove them from that.

From there, you can manage parties, and all the players associated with that party.

Hopefully this information helps you set up a system like this. Best of luck to you mate!

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I’m not one to judge the way you do it, cause I’m not in much of a better position, but what you’ve explained was pretty clear to understand, probably gonna end up cracking my skull in half trying to get it done but hey, I’m sure it’s worth it. another thing I was looking for though is how to teleport players to a new place in a new server, like those places “Inside” the main one

Ok! So ROBLOX games are made up of one Start Place, and several Places. The start place is the area every player spawns in when they click “Play” button.

You can make several places inside a main game by using the Asset Manager tab on the View panel on ROBLOX Studio.

You can use TeleportService to teleport several players to a new Place, or use TeleportServices ReserveServer() feature.

Hopefully this helps!


after a very long time of trying to get all of this done, I’ve finally done it and it works perfectly, even if a bit whacky, but it does the job, so thanks very much!

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