How to make a round system like Intense Sword fighting!?

I want to make a fighting game with a round system similar to Intense Sword fighting! by loleris.

So basically, this is how Intense Sword fighting!'s round system works:
Player Spawns at a lobby :arrow_right: The server pairs Player with another available player :arrow_right: A small map is generated where they fight :arrow_right: They teleport to the map :arrow_right: After the match, the small map disappears and the two players are teleported back to the lobby and wait until there is an available player to duel (occasionally pairing the same two players).

How do I go about making something like this? A round system with minimal time wasted waiting at the lobby


I mean, you pretty much described how to layout the script? you have an idea what you want to happen right? Well, make a loop and loop through the stages of the battle, and then repeat.

try starting making each individual component of the script first, such as individual functions.


local function teleport(player)
-- do stuff

while true do -- any generic loop to repeat the fighting system
-- do stuff
-- wait until round ends, etc
-- set up new round

Use a while true do like this

local TeleportPart = game.Workspace.MoveToPart
local player = game.players.localplayer
local roundTime = 120
local IntermissionTime = 25

while true do
    local char = player.charater:Wait
    char.HumanoidRootPart.Position = TeleportPart.Position
  -- Starts from start again

Thanks everyone. I’m new to game development and I am trying to learn how to structure a game. I just wanted to know how many scripts I need to make this game possible and where to put those scripts.

There are lots of tutorials on youtube about this, for example like this: How to Make A Round System in Roblox Studio (Countdown & Teleport Players) - YouTube

Yeah, I tried to make a round system like ISF game but my Scripts didn’t work right and I gave up trying.

I really need to know how to do that, so I need a good Scripter for teach me.

Also The Youtube Video’s not same as like this game’s round system so Youtube Video’s not very helpful on this Scripts.