How to make a script wait until the player it kills respawns

I’m making a custom health script, and I have a loop constantly running that manages a gui for the health bar. When the loop detects the players health value as 0 it kills them, then sets the value back to its maximum.
My problem is that I want the health to be reset when the player respawns instead of right after dying, and I don’t know how to make the script wait until that happens.

while true do
	if Player.Health.Value > 0 then
		--Scale the health bar gui to the health value
		--Something to delay until the player respawns
		Player.Health.Value = 100

What would I do to delay the script for the same time as the players respawn? Using something like wait() would be inconsistent with lag.

You could use a


to wait for the character to load in and then you can set their health.

Player:CharacterAdded:Wait() just causes an error, but Player.CharacterAdded:Wait() does work. I also just realized while fiddling with your suggestion that the script runs restarts on respawn, so I just needed to set the players health before the loop starts to get it to work.

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