How to make A Scrolling GUI Longer Without Editing The Inner GUI Parts?

I made a scrolling GUI and added the inner buttons and other GUI parts inside the GUI, but i know that i need more room in the scrolling GUI to add more stuff.

How can i add more scrolling room to the GUI without damaging or making the GUI parts inside it grow or move without editing each inner GUI element one by one?

I Hope Someone Can Help!!

You can edit the canvas size via properties as seen below:

Hope this helps!

I Have Figured It Out!
You Have To Make The Items Inside The Scrolling GUI sized With Offset instead of scaled.


But for the position you need to make the x axis positioned with the scale option, and the y axis positioned with the offset option. This way the x axis will move to the right position when the player scales the screen, and the y axis will not get farther apart as you add more scrolling space.