How to make a scrollingFrame auto scroll/position to the bottom?

When I started scripting this I thought it would be easy, but after trying everything I could think of nothing worked, some methods like setting the Y position of the scrolling frame to AbsoluteCanvasSize.Y only scrolled to the bottom halfway and setting the Y position of the scrolling frame to math.huge did nothing, I have looked thru each devforum topic related to this issue and tried all the answers, but none of them worked as well. Please someone help me figure this out.

local f = script.Parent

	f.CanvasPosition =, f.AbsoluteCanvasSize.Y) -- does not work even with setting this to math.huge

As an last attempt I tried discord’s new chat AI bot Clyde which gave me the right answer

-- get the scrolling frame
local scrollingFrame = script.Parent

-- listen for child added events
  wait() -- delay for one frame to ensure child has been positioned

  -- set the canvasPosition to the bottom of the scrolling frame
  scrollingFrame.CanvasPosition =, scrollingFrame.CanvasSize.Y.Offset - scrollingFrame.AbsoluteSize.Y)

(I changed the wait() line to game:GetService(“RunService”).RenderStepped:Wait())

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what do you mean by “how”? (Original reply was “wdym”, but it was too short)

how did you do that

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I am guessing that you are referring to how I used the bot. The bot has been gives to a few servers to test and I got invited to one of them luckily, but the server asked not to share the invite link so I cant invite you there. U could just ask chatGPT since the discord bot uses the same AI as chatGPT.

can i see screenshots

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idk if this is bannable if I share discord but whatever

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its becoming more advanced :frowning:

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The more advanced it is the faster it advances, wont be long when our careers are destroyed.

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