How to make a ScrollingFrame start from the bottom

I’m currently making a chatting game, however I’m running into the issue that I don’t know how to make a scrollingframe start from the button. Does anyone know how to do this?

someone please respond to this

A quick search pulled up this solution:

Tried this - Didn’t really work

In that thread i had suggested another way that was a bit more work… it involves rotating the scrolling frame 180 degrees and moving the scrolling bar to the left side (which will move it back to the right). It will also require you rotating all your frames inside, but this method should work.

Ok, so this actually ended up working. Thanks alot!

Nevermind, now I’m running into the issue that when I scroll, it’s scrolling downwards, not upwards

Show me what you tried. I don’t understand why it wouldn’t work.

This is basically what happens when I try the solution in the post @RMofSBI linked
robloxapp-20230328-1631453.wmv (130.4 KB)