How to make a Security Camera

I’m still learning about the viewport frame. I wanted to know how to make a Security Camera where there is a TV model with a screen and in the screen, it will show the Camera’s footage with Chat bubbles (The Camera is a different Model)

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I don’t think chat bubbles will show up in ViewportFrames. ViewportFrames are quite limited right now. Also the lighting won’t look good.

The best way to have a security camera show up on a monitor is the player walks up to the monitor presses e and the camera zooms into the monitor. Then you move the players camera to the point you want them to see and use a ScreenGui with the surrounding area of the monitor to make it still look like they are looking at a screen.

Not sure if I explained that well.

If you want the player to be able to control their camera and see the screen at the same time your only option is to use ViewportFrames and to replicate everything from the world into the ViewportFrames including character models. The lighting will look subpar and I’m pretty sure chat bubbles won’t show up. If you want to see what that looks like. Jailbreak has an implementation of the second option.

Oh well I thought there was a way but thanks for telling me!

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