How to make a simple car

Hello there, side note if this isn’t categorized right I am sorry. Ok I want to make a working car with no external programs like blender and no or minimal programming, can anyone help me? fyi I’m not hiring anyone

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This is possible to do, I’ll list the resources available to do so:

  1. A-Chassis in the tool box.

  2. Default Roblox constraint car in the tutorial script provided

  3. Use the new open-source constraint chassis (more recommended) in the dev forumn

Here are more resources but it’s more related for scripters to make their own drive script.

The tricky thing is because they removed the legacy motor surfaces, you will have to undoubtedly need to script your own car as thats how it works, plus it’ll be better since you can control how the car works.


Alright I’ll try this out thank you!