How would I start making a working car?

Hello! My name is Sandessat, I know some things of LUA (Comments to Coroutines), and to prove my knowdeledge: I want to make a car, but I dont know how to start doing this with scripts.

I have the base and wheels done, if you need more information about them, tell me!

BASE: The body of the car, it is a mesh made from blender.
WHEELS: It is a mesh made from blender.

None of them are welded or anything, they’re just added normaly as a mesh in ROBLOX Studio.

So the tutorial series I’ve linked is the same for other cars and trucks types besides drifters. This series should help you out, best of luck!

Edit: You can add or remove steps from the video.


Here are some more resources I found:
The basic roblox tutorial car on the dev forum article using Constraints method, the drive script is worth checking out:

Control mechanism I found, it’s a better solution to the while true do loop(can get laggy since it always runs) of the Roblox default tutorial:

This thread has some pretty interesting formulas to apply for suspension:

This thread also has a list of possible ways to script a car:

Overall, look through them and decide which one is best for your purposes. Good luck applying and further improving your LUA skills!