How to make a simple gfx logo with studio

So! today imma show you how to make a simple LOGO for your roblox games

First open a place:

Imma use a open source game
Next Insert a character

remove the overhead tag
the character im using: Ammar - Roblox
now choose a pose and cam angle

OH! also turn your studio graphics up
okay, now go to pixlr after taking the image
do a little editing
a little magic
and after i played around i made this:


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If i miss anything let me know, this is my second tutorial.


Guys remeber this is my



so if something is wrong or missing let me know

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This tutorial isn’t that comprehensive:

  1. Open a place
  2. Take a screenshot
  3. Do gfx

You should really include steps on how to do the actual gfx part instead of saying “do a little editing.” Once you do that, this tutorial will be really good. :smiley:

Also don’t forget to use correct capitalization and grammar. It’s not necessary but it can help with readability.


well after all its my SECOND, i’ll get better with time

Doesn’t mean you can’t edit it and make it even better :slightly_smiling_face:


I say this lighthearted, but your tutorial reminded me of this image

I would recommend showing off what filters you applied on the image to get it to look like the finished photo.

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the next guide im making is how to make some logos