How to make a sit animation with a model

It’s hard to explain but i wanna set up a custom sit animation like the one shown below, there is a model and once you sit you’re holding it, or once you sit you’re holding a model out of nowhere, like i said, hard to explain. I know how to make custom sit animations and set them up i just don’t know to to incorporate models into them, if you know how to do this, explanation will be greatly appreciated.

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This should work.

Follow this tutorial for more information.

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Yeah, i already know how to make and do those, i’m just having problems with a model appearing in your hand when you sit.

This is what I think should be for the model out of nowhere:

local serverStorage = game.GetService("Server Storage")
local players = game.GetService("Players")
local item = serverStorage.item --replace item with the name of the model
local itemClone = item:Clone() --The clone of the model
local localPlayer = players.LocalPlayer
local humanoid = localPlayer.Character.Humanoid
local debounce = true
if humanoid.Sit = true and debounce then
itemClone.Parent = game.Workspace.anim --replace anim with the animation
debounce = false
--rest of code, including position of model, etc.
itemClone.Parent = serverStorage
debounce = true

Put this LocalScript in the seat and hope it works lol.

“if humanoid.Sit = true and debounce then” this part is giving me errors and what do you mean by the part “itemClone.Parent = game.Workspace.anim”? Do i include the animation itself? because if so it’s in the seat.

I’m trying to get it to happen in Seat1. Is that how i should have it?


I also didn’t see the part about the local script, i’ll try that real quick

It’s those to parts giving me the errors.


sorry about the errors. let me review the pictures you sent:
everything seems to be working well, except the fact that in the

if humanoid.Sit = true

it should be 2 = signs. I get confused with that :sweat_smile:
Check the red lines under the errors to see what’s the error. You would probably know how to fix it by then.

If it doesn’t work, would you mind showing the errors in output?

doesn’t seem to be working


No errors in the output at all

Like when i sit a random item such as a phone will appear in my hand and a custom sit animation will play, that’s pretty much what i’m going for.

Did you notice I put

--rest of code

The – part means it’s a comment or something telling you what to do/how the code in that specific part works. If you don’t put the position, It won’t show. If it doesn’t work, try changing the parent to workspace or something.

Does position mean where the model will spawn? such us the hand? Or like Workspace or ServerScriptService. Also i’m pretty new to scripting, sorry about that, i know how to edit scripts and form small scripts, that’s about it

Yes, the position is where it will be. Edit: just so you know, in scripting people use Vector3 for coordinates. (eg., y, z) )

This pretty much what i’m wanting to achieve, sitting with a custom sit animation and a model spawns in your hand, and it not being a tool that i pulled out to show lol, and when you get off the seat it despawns pretty much, pretty hard to explain.

Okay, i’ll do that real quick.

How would i be able to position that to the right hand? sorry for the pain.

Wait, i didn’t see the edit, i’ll try that