How to make a sound fade out with distance

Just curious, how can I make a sound that starts fading out at around 15 studs away?


This is something you could find by looking on the Developer Hub first. It’s EmitterSize.


Oh OK, I just searched up “Sound fading” and nothing popped up for some reason so…

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It’s better to search the API documentation for the specific object you’re trying to modify if you aren’t looking for a very specific use case. Simply searching “Sound” and clicking on it would’ve showed you related properties and methods. You could then look through the properties to see which one best fits what you’re attempting to accomplish.

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Oh OK, sorry. Thanks again, though!

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Use the current feature called RollOffDistance, first you must change the RollOffMode to LinearSquare and after doing that you can change the distance of the audio and it’ll fade in and out depending on the distance you pick.