How to make a sound play only within a certain area

I have button beep sounds and that kind of thing that i dont want people to be able to hear across the world. How would i make it so that sound only plays within a small area around the player?


It is pretty simple:


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is not workingā€¦ I have sounds playing when you click on a button, so could that be part of the problem?

try changing the properties of the sound. Their should be a property called max distance like @recanman said.


it still does not work??? :neutral_face:

You could use ā€˜Background Music Toolkit by Cinderingā€™

im using that, im trying to figure out how to change the volume of the songsā€¦

You can use the ā€˜volumeā€™ configuration in the properties tab of the sound part.e6b83e7037c8357f2743831c712f315d