How to make a specific bone look at the player? (Mesh Deformation)

CFrame:LookAt() will change the direction it looks at to your target position. Try that


you could maybe find the face decal and change which side of the head its on to make it look like the head turned, here’s an example

local face = character.Head:FindFirstChildOfClass("Decal")

face.Side = right -- this won't work I just don't have access to studio or anything so I can't see for myself, just look at the properties of the decal and try to see which one will work correctly

I don’t think face.Side will work, I don’t know property it is since I don’t have access to studio so just try to find the correct one and direction


Tried it
Screenshot 2022-02-14 191803
but it just does this

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how about this will this help you.btw video not mine


I thought It was not allowed to share outside links…

I was watching some videos for some key components to share hehe

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wait is there a rule say no sharing outside links?


That didn’t work either

non of them work

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I don’t know I assumed normal roblox rules
I am scared of the ban hammer

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I’ll take a look, I got time
waiting for feedback on my thread

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I found a post With the same problem I assume
Let’s hope its of use…

That didn’t work none of them still

like it says in the title i want to move this specific bone —if i can move it
Screenshot 2022-02-14 194036

your npc is r6 or r15 maybe r6 and r15 bone kinda different

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its r15 bones
Screenshot 2022-02-14 194224

oh so the rig or the bone is made by urself?

no a friend gave it to me to make its head move i don’t own it

wait can i see the model of your npc

does it have transforms you can reference?

maybe u can just make the model into r15 npc

I don’t have the parts for it like i said a friend gave it to me