How to make a story game

How do I make a story game

So my team member whos owner with me off a game studio (name not here yet) we where busy on a game but now he don’t have much time so he decided to make a new game what maybe be a story game but how can I make a story game what save your process and can reset your progress I need a story module for the game too where can I find good tutorials prever not on Yt I try to learn so not give me scripts just explain me how I can do it/give semi scriptss what I need to fill in and use off profile service


alvinblox made some good tutorial on youtube, gnomeblox too

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I don’t like it use Yt for it since I more overwrite the script than do it my self

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if i may ask are u new to scripting?

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oh well this guy have a good module:

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if u want to make a story game u have know what u wanna make, like whats the theme or whats the content of the game, etc so if u want me to explain further tell me the details about the game, like what will happen inside of it.

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oh wait nvm sorry i didnt read ur post fully mb, so what u mean about making progress then resetting is like the option of new game, or continue right? is so u use datastore Suphi Kaner made a module for datastore:

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Idk my level but I know the basics that’s way I prever not use Yt for it I made a button system by my self client and server click button other apear dragdettectors bf enabled by clicking other button and for the New game diverse and unexpected I made the calopase system my self and the story system with triggers buy it’s not that good

I use profile service to save things but I can ask my team member for saving but he didn’t have time rn

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um i sorry but um please anchor the map, the map is falling

Wdym if you join the menu world is buggy it is supposed to only show ui from there you tp to the first country

It should be fixed nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

i think my module is outdated, btw should work

btw man sorry i coildnt respond i got no time and im confused.