How to make a "stretchable arm"

Hello! I was playing a game called “a dusty trip” and I noticed a very good looking system. You can pick up items with this kind of “stretchable arm”.

Here is a video:

I want to make something similar to this but I really have no idea how this was made. :frowning:

Can somebody help?


I don’ think it is a stretchable arm.
I think they just move the arm forward when you press a button, but you won’t notice it is detached from your body because of the camera position.

This does not look like a stretched arm.


so you’re assuming that they made a really long arm and it is just moving forward when you click a button?

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it looks like its stretching because of the fov, in reality it just moves forward and it rotates a bit too to give the impression its stretching

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when the player grab its 2 attachments?

I believe you have to make a viewmodel, then you can tween the size of the arm to the wanted length, to get the wanted length you can cast a ray from the middle of camera, torwards were the player is looking at to get a vector3 of were the ray from the camera collides with in the workspace. Then you calculate the distance from camera to the hitpos, then use that distance as the size of the arm, and tween the size of the arm to the magnitude, about the rotation idk hahaha, idk if this will help or if this might not work, but I hope it helps maybe a tiny bit


but like to it grab the part its 2 attachemnts? or its just tween?

I believe you weld it to the arm once the tween ends

Hey, I tried to make the “a dusty trip” arm system and i got it to work. If you want more info about this you can DM me on discord : justterror

here is a little video of how it looks :


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