How to make a sword on back

Before you say “Oh you should’ve looked on devforum, there’s multiple posts”, none of those help explain how to achieve what I want to do.

So all my weapons are setup as tools, this is so when a player equips a different skin all the scripts run fine since they’re parented to the tool itself.

Players spawn in with all their weapons in a custom Hotbar. I want it so when a player clicks a weapon on a Hotbar it has the selected weapon welded on their back in a “sheathed” mode. Then they can press a key/or button on mobile to unsheath it. When they unsheath a weapon it plays an animation of them grabbing it off their body. Then when’s it’s in their hand all the combat controls appear. Then when they sheath their weapon and switch to a new one I want it to destroy the old weapon on their back.

How would I go about achieving this? Any suggestions?

you can weld a temporary sword on their back and when equipped it turns invisible (make sure cancollide and cantouch are off) and when unequipped it is visible.