How to make a terrain water texture?

How to made A Water terrain Texture? Im want for game

  1. What do you want to achieve? I’m want achieve, Made A Water texture for my game

  2. What is the issue? Issue im can’t find in devforum answer water texture terrain

  3. What solutions have you thought of so far? me think Is MaterialService? Or What something looks like a texture?

Is no block, Is Texture Water!


I would recommend learning Blender for many reasons, but for this use case, it seems the popular choice in what few posts there are for material service. It’s quite new to Roblox. There are plenty of resources out there to learn texturing on Blender


I’m no have that Blender for made meshs

Have a Easy answer?

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Blender is great for modeling, but it has great tooling for creating textures like you would want for this.
Check out Upload Custom Materials in the New Material Service Beta, it explains how to upload MaterialVariants. The Color, Metalness, Normal, and Roughness maps you would create and export in Blender.

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How to use Blender I’m download him a year ago, My computer is weak, will it lag?

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It depends on how much you make. If you make something small or simple it will not lag as much.

I don’t use blender so I might be wrong here

Look up YouTube tutorials. It will be helpful


Blender Will it give messages? If is virus

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Yes, generating textures will be difficult on a low-spec computer, but so would it on other programs. You could always pay someone to do it.

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If you install a fake or an unofficial version of blender, then you have a chance of getting a virus.

Get blender from the real website


A lot of money? I did not understand what Blender is, I’m no american.

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Blender doesn’t lag in things with low resolution.

The problem can be downloading.
Use the app PortableApps and download Blender in your Google Drive, that way the Blender will download fast (not on pc, but on Google Drive) and with less lag. (Btw, you can use Blender of PortableApps inside Google Drive)

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Now that’s a debate of simple internet safety, but no, Blender is not a virus. Source it from the official website or Steam, both branches are reputable. Steam auto-updates which is nice.

If you choose to use assets from third-parties, sure, the wild west of the internet could certainly house viruses for you to find.

Blender is free

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Yes, I bought free Blender And also was gave message in gmail

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Perhaps what you are looking for is how to generate water?

You can generate terrain water on top of a part in your workspace.


game.Workspace.Terrain:FillBlock(workspace.Part.CFrame, workspace.Part.Size, Enum.Material.Water)

Afterwards, you can make the part you generated terrain on top of to transparent with:

workspace.Part.Transparency = 1

I’m said in topics, i’m need terrain water texture, Am no need that block water is will bored

I don’t think you can change the terrain texture of water

I’m see in any game Water Texture terrain

Can you send images of what you want to achieve?

Will lag I don’t know I have another account

You know player A_SquaredAnimations?