How to make a text go through roblox moderation?

I am trying to make a Name your pet GUI, but I can’t figure out how to make the pet names go through Roblox moderation to prevent inappropriate names.

so far, ive made a remote event, and it fires when you press the sumbit button, and the parameters are the player, and the chosen name

please send responses.

You might find this useful: Text and Chat Filtering
Another guide to filtering text can be found below.

Will the filtering be similar to <13 filtering? or 13+

As far as I know these are the same filters used by the Roblox chat, so you should be fine.

Quick question, would the name show up in tags if filtered? And is there a way to block the naming overall if the name was filtered?

It should return the tagged name. I’m not sure if it returns whether or not the message was filtered, but you can always check to see if the filtered message is the same as the original message.