How to make a text with multiple lines (also works for others too!)

I’m adding pictures later when I’m on my laptop

also, I’m new to making tutorials, and this is nighttime so I’ll come back and improve the explanation tomorrow

in this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a text with multiple lines!

  1. Make a script in anywhere that you can easily find it (Example: Workspace)

  2. Type the thing you wanted it as a text in the script you created


I'm a text


don’t mind about the errors/warnings it gives you, just let it go, or if you wanted to make it easier to type just make it a string, like this

[[I'm a text


then you can remove the brackets

  1. Open the command bar

  2. Select the TextLabel/TextButton/TextBox in the explorere then hold Ctrl (it lets you select multiple objects)

  3. Select the scriptin the explorer, and you can release your finger from the Ctrl key (make sure they’re both selected, if not, go back to step 4)

  4. Type in the command bar:

game.Selection:Get()[1].Text = game.Selection:Get()[2].Source
  1. Run it

That’s it, you’re done!

you can delete the script now!

and for other things (Name, Value, etc.)

change the “Text” in

game.Selection:Get()[1].Text = game.Selection:Get()[2].Source

into any property name you wanted

and that’s it, you actually finished it

if it doesn’t work for you, you can tell me and I’ll fix it for you :slight_smile:


another option is “\n”

that creates a new line

also why do you care about not having square brackets, not a big deal
honestly the square brackets makes it look better

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I’m explaining that tomorrow, as right now I can’t add images or screenshot yet