How To Make A Texture Seamless?

Hey guys, Army here! :smiley:
Lately, I’ve been playing some games and found some cool carpet designs that inspired me, so I decided to try my own, It could even give me some cool map/game ideas!
But I’ve run into a problem. I’m trying to make a smooth texture, but it isn’t something simple like some squares or lines; we’re talking the wavy shapes like this:
Now, I’m using Medibang Paint Pro for the art right now, but I can get other art programs as long as they’re free. There doesn’t seem to be a way to make seamless textures, can someone please help me?
Any tips and advice are appreciated!


can you provide a example of the problem? I might be able to help but I’m not sure.
(i mean like a picture of the problem)

congrats on finding this after 4 hours, thought it got lost and buried in the pile of posts

Sorry for the late timing, I had some problems which slowed me down.

As you can see, it’s very visible where the frame stops, and you can see the cutting. I have no idea how to fix this


its simple. design each tile individually to make a bigger carpet

In Photoshop you can use something called an Offset filter to wrap the texture so that the seams are in the center in a + shape instead of at the edges of the image. It would look like this:
Before filter:

After filter:

Then you could manually fix the seams, and the texture would be seamless.
When you are done, you can also apply the Offset filter again to verify that it really is seamless.

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Does Photopea have this as well?

I’m pretty sure there is a option in Roblox studio that can fix this, I would just maybe mess around with some of the settings and see if you get anywhere. I will look into it more in the morning.

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Yes it does, under Filter>Other>Offset


K, sent me a dm if you find anything and goodnight! :slight_smile:

Why not just create your texture, then copy and paste it to the side and flip it horizontally. This way it’ll look seamless and high quality.

Im sorry, do you have an example?

okay so I did some looking and I cant seem to find the thing I’m remembering, so I’m not sure if I can help. I’m sorry to keep you waiting ;-;. but good luck finding a method.

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