How to make a tool equip?

Hi everyone, I read this post to try and make a GUI to equip an item located in Server Storage, but the game returns an error claiming that the tool isn’t a part of ServerStorage. Do you know why that is and how to fix this? Here is my code:

local tool = game.ServerStorage.x2SpeedItem
local klone = tool:Clone()

	if klone.Parent ~= plr.Backpack then
		klone.Parent = plr.Backpack
		script.Parent.Text = "Unequip"
		klone.Parent = game.ServerStorage
		script.Parent.Text = "Equip"

The client can’t see the contents of ServerStorage, as it’s exclusive to the server.
You would have to store your tool in ReplicatedStorage or ReplicatedFirst in this case.


Which one do you think is the best to do so?

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I now have another error: Players.MrDaBigBoss.PlayerGui.ScreenGui.Frame.TextButton.LocalScript:5: attempt to index nil with ‘Backpack’
I think that its claiming my backpack doesn’t exist somehow…


Try ReplicatedFirst, it replicates… first… so anything within it should be there before this script runs.

Let me help you with your code just a little…

local replicatedStorage	= game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage");
local player 			= game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer;
local backpack 			= player:WaitForChild("Backpack");

local button 			= script.Parent;

local toolName 			= "x2SpeedItem";
local toolClone;
local toolActivated		= false;

	--check if the tool exist
	if not toolClone then
		--if the tool doesn't exist already, give the player the tool
		toolClone = replicatedStorage[toolName]:Clone();
		toolClone.Activated:connect(function() toolActivated = true end);
		toolClone.Deactivated:connect(function() toolActivated = false end);
		toolClone.Parent = backpack
		button.Text = "Unequip"
		--if the tool doesn't exist, then we should remove the tool, effectively setting toolClone to nil
		if toolActivated then
		toolClone.Parent = nil;
		toolClone = nil;
		button.Text = "Equip"

Okay, I made an edit to my code, the edit I made is this:
If the player is holding the tool, we need to deactivate it first before we remove it.

Also yikes I just realized I used ReplicatedStorage instead of ReplicatedFirst, it should do the same trick though in this case


Wow thank you! Although this works, it only works for 1 cycle. What I mean by that is that I can equip it once and unequip it, but can’t re-equip it after that…


Opps, sorry. I made an edit to my code. Try that out.

I’m also going to code you a little more because I think you’re soon going to run into an error while using the tool.

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You shouldn’t be using ReplicatedFirst for this kind of thing anyways. ReplicatedFirst is really supposed to be for stuff like a custom loading screen that needs loading priority. Your LocalScripts shouldn’t have to worry about anything not existing in ReplicatedStorage unless you Parent it there at runtime.


I just realised while testing with multiple players that the item doens’t show on a player’s screen. What I mean by that is that if I am holding an item, my friend will not see it. How can I fix that?

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You’re giving them the tool in a LocalScript, so it won’t replicate to the server. You’d need to use a RemoteEvent to tell the server that you want to be given a tool.


big oof, I don’t really know how to use Remote events…