How to make a tool invisible to the player holding it?

Hello! I currently need help on how to make a tool invisible to the player holding it.

I’m currently very confused on how to do it so please help if you can, cause I am making a camera that turns invisible when the player holds it. Thanks!

And I also have currently tried different solutions to this and looked onto the forums, and I can’t find any.

You might be able to make a local script that makes all the BaseParts of a tool transparency 1 but it might replicate since the Player’s character is allowed to be changed serverside by the client

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Thanks for the solution, I couldn’t believe I haven’t done this lol. Thanks for it!

I just applied the loop so when it is equipped the loop activates.

local tool = script.Parent

	for i, v in pairs(tool:GetChildren()) do
		if v:IsA("BasePart") then
			v.Transparency = 1

Just a pre warning, make sure to set it from GetChildren to GetDescendants otherwise parts inside parts / other things wouldn’t turn invisible

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