How to Make a Tool Usable Only Once

I am using a tool called “RocketLauncher” from Marketplace and wonder how I could make it disappear after being picked up and used once by a player.

I have tried adding Tool:Destroy() at the end of the RocketLauncher’s script. It worked, yet the rocket that was shot out stopped hitting things and creating explosion.

Is there a method in Roblox that limits how many times a player can use a tool?

Thanks so much!


The problem is that you are deleting the script that is listening to the rocket touching objects which subsequently leads it to explode.

If you want to add a limit on how many rockets you can fire, you can use values to help you on that. If you want to remove it entirely, then after use have it use a ‘while true do’ loop, like this:

while true do
   tool.Equipped = false

That code should work in that instance, but I do not know.
Another solution would to delete the tool after the rocket has touched something. Not too efficient but is an easy solution.

@DARKM_SSIAH Equipped is a RBXScriptSignal, not a boolean property. This would do nothing and it’s not a wise use of loops either - there shouldn’t be any looping in this at all.

The issue here as to why the rocket shot out does nothing is because the Tool is destroyed. Considering the script controlling the rocket is a descendant of the Tool, destroying the tool means destroying any connections or code associated with the rocket. It becomes a static object.

I would use the Rocket Launcher uploaded by Roblox as opposed to the one by UristMcSparks, since that version separates the rocket touched control from the tool instead of putting them in one. Destroying the tool would not make the rocket a static object.

In this code under the Server script, you can change a line to destroy the tool instead of re-enabling it for continued usage.


Tool.Enabled = true



There’s a few ugly and clean workarounds for the one uploaded by UristMcSparks, but I wouldn’t look into them. Since the functionality for firing rockets (handling the tool) and exploding the rocket (handling the rocket) are in the same script, it makes it slightly more difficult or time-consuming to tailor the code for a one-use approach without changing the code by a lot.

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Oh, my bad. Hadn’t scripted on ROBLOX for a while, so I forgot that equipped was actually a RBXScriptSignal. What I meant to say was your suggestion, changing the Enabled boolean property to false.

Had to correct that mistake actually. Enabled property shouldn’t be used, that was meant to be a line of Destroy. Enabled wouldn’t exactly accomplish much, especially if a tool doesn’t rely on it.

Thank you all so much for the comments and insights! I tried using that Rocket Launcher made by Roblox and modified the code, it worked! Thanks so much once again :slight_smile: