How To Make A Tree Choppable In My Survival Experience

I Was Wondering How Do I Make A Choppable Tree For My Experience
Here’s My Tree :deciduous_tree:

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It really depends how you would like it to work. There are lots of different methods you could use depending on what you want.

You could use a touch event and also if the tool ur using is also active then cut it down or damage it.

You could use a button or smthing really its up to what you want and how you want it to work.


If you want there to be “cut lines” like in lumber tycoon, or just want to chop it in a customisable way, you could create a part with .01 height and the width of the trunk/branch, make it a negative part and then union them trough script.

Seems complicated but it’s harder to describe than to do.

Or just… Make it 2 parts (ground trunk, and the rest of the tree), weld them and break the weld.

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