How to make a walking-ragdoll like CloVR?

I’ve been playing a lot of VR recently and I’ve always wanted to make a rig like (CLOVR LINK WOULD BE HERE BUT I JUST REALISED THAT THE VIDEO ISN’T EXACTLY APPROPRIATE. I’M SORRY.) . I have no clue how they did it, even though I have the module myself, as its in a localscript.

I’d also like to add tool physics but I’ll open another thread if necessary.

I also really love the walking physics where the torso sways from side to side hilariously, so if necessary I can try to get that effect.

I honestly need help for this because the rig they’re using to create the VR body is just a normal rig (I believe)

I have removed the CLoVR require from here. I don’t think this post should be used to get the module, as it was never resolved anyway (almost two years later, dammit.)

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

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OK, it seems that they use a R15 rig to emulate a ragdoll and then bind it to the character. So they use 3 rigs in total to pull this off, one being your original avatar which is attached to the R15 ragdoll character, and a transparent avatar for collisions.

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would you mind giving me a model? i wanna learn from it

I’m pretty sure you mean “Foot Planting”?