How to make a weapon system

Right now I’ve been working with weapons but I think that for me and for everyone you have to take this into account: how the server itself works, the issue of optimization, everything that requires making a weapon…
my questions are:
-If I make a weapon that contains a local script and a server script, if I clone it, will the server script also be cloned or not? I need someone who really knows
-steps to make the weapon or things I should know also give me additional details

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When you clone a model that contains a local script and a server script, the server script will be cloned as well. Both scripts are part of the model and are replicated to the client when the model is created.

Here are some steps to create a weapon:

    1. Create a model for your weapon. This model should contain all the parts, attachments, and scripts that are needed for the weapon.
    1. Add a ClickDetector to the weapon so that it can be picked up by players.
    1. Create a script in the weapon model that handles the ClickDetector event. When the player clicks on the weapon, this script should create a new tool in the player’s backpack.
    1. Add a LocalScript to the tool that handles the input from the player. This script should listen for user input (e.g. mouse clicks) and send messages to the server script.
    1. Add a Script to the tool that handles the server-side logic for the weapon. This script should listen for messages from the LocalScript and update the state of the weapon accordingly.
    1. Test the weapon thoroughly to make sure it works correctly and doesn’t cause any performance issues.

Some additional details to keep in mind:

  • Use RemoteEvents to send messages between the LocalScript and the server script. This helps keep your code organized and prevents players from exploiting your game.
  • Make sure your weapon code is optimized to minimize network traffic and server load. This can include things like limiting the number of updates per second and using Predictive Server Authoritative networking where appropriate.
  • Consider adding animations to your weapon to make it more immersive and realistic. This can help make your game more engaging for players.
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