How to make a Welding Tool

Hey! So I am wanting to make a game, where you have building blocks and you can build anything. The only issue I have is the welding part. I have looked around for some tutorials but I can’t seem to find anything.

I am trying to achieve this:

So I am holding a welding tool and depending on where my mouse clicks depend on where these little neon balls go, the little neon balls I want them to act as a weld holding those two parts together.

This then means I can drag the two parts around as one. How can I do this as I can’t seem to find a good way…

Hope someone can help :smiley:


maybe when creating them make them weld everything that it touches ?

That’s a good idea, but I am not really sure how to do that :frowning:

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same lol xDDD im not a good scripter ether but it would look something like

if bla bla touched then
create weld bla bla boom
its welded

You could use the roblox welds to weld those 2 parts, and you should basically detect if that neon part is touching 2 or more parts and weld them all together.

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