How to make admin commands (that dont appear in chat)

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    How to make admin commands (that dont appear in chat)

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    Making them not appear in chat

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-- This is an example Lua code block

Please do not ask people to write entire scripts or design entire systems for you. If you can’t answer the three questions above, you should probably pick a different category.

Here’s a video showcasing the script


You can fork and customize the Lua Chat system:

And for that “not appearing in chat”, use RegisterProcessCommandsFunction
You can find that here


Am I able to still use the normal script, but make it not appear in chat

Alternatively, allow yourself to create a custom “terminal” or command bar, that is not integrated to the chat system. This way will hide the commands well without anyone knowing that you were typing.

Well, not with my solution. Its different from how Alvin did it.

Instead of doing this image can I make replace that with alvin strategy

Yes you can if you do it correctly.

Can you show me an example of 2 commands, if so thank you

Why waste your time doing that when you could use /e and your command.

That’s not how it works chief

Depending on the method of scripting, support for doing /e before commands may or may not work. A lot of admin commands use string.split to get the arguments of a given command, and adding a /e before it will push off the argument that is supposed to be the prefix. The ones that do work with /e (Kohl’s, Adonis) likely have support manually implemented.

The entire point of admin commands is to streamline administrator actions in your game without having to write extensive lines of code for each action.

Yes, the developer console is not being prevented, but the point of admin commands is to make the process shorter and simpler (especially for people less experienced with Lua)

Never mind- It’s quite late and I can’t think properly, anyway thanks for letting me know about the /e command.

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I can confirm this method works, I made a script using this method and it has been in action for a while as a great anti-scam mechanism.