How to make AI NPC workers (cooks, cleaners etc...)


I’ve been hoping to make a game with NPCs that can cook and clean and all that stuff. There are many simulators out there on Roblox that have that function. Is there anyway I can do this myself? I haven’t found any tutorials on this, except pathfinding.

Any help is very much appreciated!

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You could start by making Animations for the NPC’s. You could make it have a certain order. I can’t give you the script rn, but I can just explain it theoretically.

First, the Customers enter the Restaurant, then they take a seat and then the Server takes their order, and then later on walks to the counter and leaves the sheet of paper with the order there, and then the Cook starts cooking, and once the food is ready, the Cook will leave it on the counter and the Server will come get it and serve it to the Customers.

Idk how to explain it more clearly, but you could make it so each event goes after the other. Contact me if you need more help or details, and hope you have a good day! :happy3:



Thank you for your quick response! Have you done that type of scripting before? I would very much like to hire you to help me figure it all out. If you’re interested, you can add me on Discord.

My Discord: NobleF#3475


I’m not sure whether I have done that type of scripting before, but I also don’t have expert scripting skills to the point I know everything. I would really like to help, but I suggest I do it for free, if you don’t mind :happy3:

EDIT: Idk how to Animate btw :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Of course! I’m keen on learning anything about pathfinding :slight_smile:

Like @TMChr1s said, make animations for like grabbing things and cooking things (stuff like that).

For this use PathFinding to make the NPC walk to the table, then walk back, play the animation for placing the paper,

Play animation, wait until it’s done.

Give the cook an animation for placing the food on the counter.

Once again use pathfinding


Thank you for your response! Do you have any experience in scripting that? If yes, then I would like to hire you as my scripter for my upcoming simulator game. If you’re interested, of course.


Well, I’ve never done it before but I’m working on a Demo right now. I’ll message you when I’m done.

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Okay, awesome! Do make sure to add me on Discord if you’d like. It’s NobleF#3475