How to Make AI workflows in ROBLOX Studio

Someone recently asked me a question about how to use AI to do workflows. So I would like to share some insights about executing workflows via the command line in ROBLOX studio.
You can have an AI automatically do a workflow such as writing code and placing them into modules. You can only do this in studio via the command line, an example of how to write code into a module via a function is.

local function WriteAiCodeToModule(input)
local startstr=[[
local endstr=[[
return module


Then you would just ask the AI to write the code and find the section where the code is implied perhaps the pattern “```”, AI assistants are very good to use to figure out how you should separate the code from the output.

Finally, a good module to use is the one called ZephyrOrpo in this open source AI agent template I recently released.

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