How To Make Aim Assist?

Hey Everyone, My Name Is Nehoray

I Just Wanted To Know How To Make Aim Assist And If This Is Even Possible In Roblox?
Thanks Everyone!


I wouldn’t know how to CODE it but you could try to make it so while enabled it will check if the player ever aims over a player’s character it and the script will try and make the camera aim at the character but if it goes to far form the character it will stop trying to move it


ok Thanks I will Think About This Solution

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Do You Think It Can Cause Lags or Open a Door For Exploiters?

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I wouldn’t know but i believe as long as you dont trigger any remote events you should be fine. Although a more experienced scripter would know


I think Its Local Side
As You Said Without Remote-Events or Remove-Function
For Exploiter It will Be More Easy Right?

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Well some exploits will look for an open RemoteEvent, RemoteFunction, ETC although some dont look for one as they can just do everything it self. An example of what you could do without remoteevents, ETC is

local function(FunctionName)
Code that would try to move the players aim towards a character model

Code that would trigger a:Connect(FunctionName)

If you are doing this for mobile players, I would recommend perhaps using an aim-to-fire system, which is used by many mobile games now.

Basically, when you aim over an enemy, it fires automatically for you. This keeps the skill factor in the game while keeping the controls simple.

If you want to do something like this, I reccomend looking to use

Hope this helps!